Who we are

Introducing Tribe

We are Impact Wealth Managers. We’re committed to supporting the increasing number of wealth holders who are impassioned to take action on the issues they care about, recognising that their wealth can be a reflection of who they are. We work exclusively with clients who want to be more thoughtful about the impact that their money can make on our world to ensure it is a better place for both present and future generations. Through considered and impactful strategies for investment, we help deliver truly sustainable growth, for all.

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Let us make our future now,
and let us make our dreams
tomorrow’s reality.

Malala Yousafzai

What we do

Creating a new
wealth order

We believe that your wealth should reflect who you are as an individual. This is far more than simply building an investment portfolio. It is about creating a story. Your story. To do this, we look at investment opportunities through three lenses: our client’s values, their financial aspirations and the change they want to see in the world – their impact. We then construct bespoke portfolios that truly reflect who our clients are.

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How we do it

Redefining your wealth

We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework for uncovering client’s values and to measure and report portfolio performance. The Goals guide our investments and allow our clients to identify what impact they wish to create in our world. To facilitate this we have created four Tribe Themes. We go beyond the traditional approach of ‘ethical’ investments, where managers negatively screen out companies and industries that are deemed to be ‘unethical’. Instead, we actively select positive investments that directly contribute to global sustainable development and address a social, economic or environmental issue society is facing.

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  • Environment and Ecology
    Responsible consumption and production Climate Action Life below water Life on land
  • Education and Equality
    No Poverty Zero Hunger Good Health and Well-Being Quality education Gender Equality Reduced inequalities
  • Enterprise and Infrastructure
    Clean water and sanitation Affordable and clean energy Decent work and economic growth Industry, innovation and infrastructure Sustainable cities and communities
  • Governance and Partnerships
    Peace, justice and strong institutions Partnerships for the goals

Why we do it

We believe in getting value from values

For too long, many have believed that focussing on impact means sacrificing return on capital. As a result, traditional investment portfolios have been managed independent of impact, with those seeking it donating the income separately to philanthropic causes. We believe there is another way, where return and impact sit comfortably alongside each other in your portfolio, and further support the causes you may already be supporting philanthropically. Our clients know they can achieve a positive impact on society by investing their entire portfolio in a more responsible manner and still achieve the investment returns they require.

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What this means for you

Telling your
personal story

We create a deeper, more enriching engagement with your wealth. Our impact assessment and reporting allows you to understand the true performance of your Tribe portfolio. Investing has never been so rewarding. Or so personal. This is your story.

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Redefining your wealth starts with you

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