A New Wealth Order

For many, wealth symbolises status and materiality – a definition of individual monetary worth. For others, it can mean so much more. We believe in the old English definition of wealth: the condition of well-being, whether personal, professional, environmental, social or financial. But somewhere along the way the original meaning of wealth has been forgotten. We are bringing it back.

The Old English definition of Wealth

Weal -th | (noun) well-being, (suffix) the condition of

Introducing Tribe

We are a team of wealth managers and impact specialists focusing exclusively on aligning wealth stewardship and creation with our clients’ personal values.

Our goal is to deliver long-term positive impact and growth for everyone, in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our theory of change? To change the very nature of wealth and its impact.

Meet the Tribe

Enterprise and Infrastructure

David Scott


David’s values are aligned to Tribe Theme 3 – Enterprise & Infrastructure. Having grown up in East Africa and Northern Ireland before moving to London he is only too aware of the pressures that urbanisation causes on the environment, resources and economies. He believes that the private sector need to support the challenges faced by directing greater capital and human resources towards addressing and supporting these issues across the globe. David is Chairman of Tribe Impact Capital and of LGT Vestra. He is former Managing Director of UBS in London, where he headed up the high net worth UK division. Prior to UBS, he co-founded and was Managing Partner of Scott Goodman Harris, a boutique advisory business.

Environment and Ecology

Amy Clarke

Chief Impact Officer

Amy’s values are aligned to Tribe Theme 1 – Environment & Ecology. Having studied environmental degrees at University, she is deeply committed to helping people understand and embrace the planetary boundaries within which we live, work and play. Amy believes that the fragility of our planet, the ongoing pressures it faces and our place on it can only be solved when we recognise and embrace our impact on it and work with nature, not against it. Amy is responsible for working with clients on values and for leading our work on impact identification and evaluation. She has over 22 years experience in sustainable business, social investment, impact evaluation and social enterprise having spent time at EY, PwC, Microsoft, Bank of America and the Charities Aid Foundation.

Education and Equality

James Lawson


James’s values are most closely aligned to Tribe Theme 2 – Education and Equality. Having been born and lived in Asia and worked in Africa, James is acutely aware of our planet’s interconnected yet fragile ecosystem. He believes that access to quality education is the fundamental building block that can help alleviate many of the pressures and inequalities we face today. At Tribe James works with clients and is also responsible for business development, thought leadership and operational excellence. He has over 18 years’ experience in wealth management and entrepreneurship, having started as an Associate Director at UBS Wealth Management where he looked after private clients. In 2003 he founded the specialist consultancy, Ledbury Research, helping wealth managers and others to understand their clients.

Education and Equality

Lizzie Scott


Lizzie’s values are aligned to Tribe Theme 2 – Education & Equality. She is passionate that everyone should have access to good education and that education equality between girls and boys will lead to a more sustainable world and economy, particularly within the developing world. Having spent time supporting children in primary and special needs schools within the UK, she hopes to spend time in East Africa working on building and developing projects in primary and secondary schools. At Tribe she is responsible for marketing and communications and oversees client experience. She has over 15 years corporate experience including time spent at both UBS WM UK and Vestra Wealth.

Education and Equality

Harry Catchpole


Harry’s values are aligned with Tribe Theme 2 – Education & Equality. Harry believes that education and healthcare are the foundations upon which we can build a more equal society. He passionately believes that when approached in a thoughtful and considered manner – private capital can support the work of the public and voluntary sectors in solving the sustainability issues that we face as a global community. At Tribe Harry is responsible for working directly with and advising our clients. Harry started his career at HSBC Private Bank in London and is a former Vice President of J.P. Morgan Private Bank. Harry looks after high net worth clients, charities and foundations.

Environment and Ecology

Yann Demont

Impact Manager

Yann’s values are aligned to Tribe Theme 1 – Environment & Ecology. Having regularly travelled around Asia and lived in Western Africa, Yann believes environmental issues are directly impacting the well-being of individuals around the world and are growing in prevalence. Yann also believes that whilst some businesses may contribute to these pressures, many if not most are, at the same time, part of the solution and delivering value. That is why Yann is passionate about helping redirect capital to those companies creating positive impact. Yann has worked mainly in Switzerland for Zoï Environment Network, Ethos and Aonyx.

Education and Equality

Jamie Innes

Investment Manager

Jamie’s values are aligned with Tribe Theme 2 – Education & Equality. He believes that a society in which the world’s 8 richest men own as much as the 3.6 billion poorest is not only unjust, it is also unsustainable. With his background in political theory he wants to help work towards providing greater equality and removing fundamental roadblocks such as hunger and a lack of education to build a more just society. Growing up in South-East Asia he has had experience teaching and volunteering, and prior to Tribe was an investment analyst at Schroders where he focused on global and emerging market Multi-Asset products. He is a CFA Charterholder.

Enterprise and Infrastructure

Siobhan Lazeris

Head of Legal & Compliance

Siobhan’s values are aligned to Tribe Theme 3 – Enterprise and Infrastructure. She is passionate about helping people and wanting to create a greater sense of community where people (young and old) can get the help and support they need to thrive as individuals.  At Tribe, Siobhan is responsible for Compliance and Legal and works closely with the Team to build an impact and values led wealth management business.  Siobhan has over 25 years experience in the financial services industry, which has included working for Goldman Sachs focusing on Private Wealth Management Compliance and the last 10 years working with our Chairman at LGT Vestra, where she was a Partner, Head of Compliance and Legal and Member of the Management Board.

Education and Equality

Christopher Toy

Wealth Manager

Chris’s values naturally align to Tribe Theme 2 – Education and Equality. Chris deeply believes in the empowerment of individuals through education, and equality as a powerful tool to accelerate positive change. Having experience of working in charity, specifically on malnutrition in young children across Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, he understands the role private capital can play in improving and saving lives. At Tribe, Chris is responsible for working directly with and advising our clients. Chris started his career at HSBC in the investment bank and then the private bank, before moving to UBS. He joined Tribe from The Power of Nutrition, the global charity focused on child malnutrition, where he worked with private clients and family offices. Chris looks after high net worth clients, charities and foundations.

Education and Equality

Laila Charlton-Meyrick


Laila’s values are most closely aligned to Tribe Theme 2 – Education & Equality. She is a strong and passionate advocate of women and girl’s rights and believes that we are all citizens of the world and we should help those who cannot otherwise help themselves. At Tribe, Laila is responsible for developing client relationships, advising and guiding them in how to build and implement impact strategies with their investment portfolios. Having moved from McKinsey, she has now been advising high net worth families about their wealth strategies for two decades.  She was an Executive Director at UBS before moving to spend 10 years at Credit Suisse.

Education and Equality

Liberty Simpson

Client & Operations Coordinator

Liberty’s values are most aligned to Tribe Theme 2 – Education and Equality. After graduating from Exeter University reading Modern Languages, she took some time out to travel before moving to London where she worked in both corporate and non-profit businesses. Liberty passionately believes that it is our collective responsibility to ensure equality for all, and that business has the power and to deliver this. Her time traveling around Central America and India afforded her insights into the scale of the issues that drive inequality as well as the opportunities to address them. Outside the workplace, she is involved in several charitable projects including as a volunteer at Peckham Food Cycle and also at the Robes Project in Brixton. Most recently Liberty participated as a buddy for the military charity – Supporting Wounded Veterans and is now training to become a mentor.

Environment and Ecology

Fred Kooij

Chief Investment Officer

Fred’s values are most closely aligned to Tribe Theme 1 – Environment & Ecology. Fred believes that corporate stakeholders – customers, suppliers, employees – understand that ignoring negative environmental externalities is a growing business risk, both reputationally and operationally, and the investment community in turn is beginning to realise this could influence the cost of and access to capital. Fred joins us as Chief Investment Officer and comes with twenty years investment and fund management experience and has been top ranked by Institutional Investor as an analyst in both equity and leveraged finance. Fred is also a private investor in a number of impact investments.

Education and Equality

Neil Hill


Neil’s values are most closely aligned to Tribe Theme 2 – Education & Equality. As the son of teachers, Neil was raised to believe that education is the key to a more equal society — a belief that was reinforced during his service in the British Army. As an officer, Neil served alongside young people from a range of backgrounds and he saw the dramatic impact that access to education had on the paths open to them. Neil joins from JP Morgan Private Bank where he spent eight years as a relationship manager.  He previously worked at HSBC Private Bank.  Prior to working in finance, Neil spent 10 years in the public sector working at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and with the British Army. Neil will work directly with Tribe’s clients, building and managing portfolios that do well by doing good.

Environment and Ecology

Amy Simon

Impact Analyst

Amy’s values are most closely aligned with Tribe Theme 1 – Environment & Ecology. Amy’s passion for the environment has resulted in two degrees in Geography and Environmental Technology. She is deeply concerned about the current climate and ecological crisis and believes that the key to unlock the system shift we need is through reconnecting everyone with our place in and reliance on the natural world. Prior to joining Tribe, Amy volunteered with the Campaign to Protect Rural England and the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre. She also worked for the leading responsible investment charity ShareAction between her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. It is her experience here that led her into the impact investing world. Amy passionately believes that together investors and companies have the potential to rebalance their activities into positive pursuits.

Tribe Fellows

Tribe Fellows act as advisors to our business and sit on our Advisory Board. They are well respected specialists in their fields and are committed to creating and supporting long term positive and sustainable change.

Environment and Ecology

Mark Campanale


Mark’s values are aligned with Tribe Theme 1: Environment & Ecology, particularly life on land, climate action and life below water. Having gained a Masters in Agricultural Economics, specialising in environmental cost accounting techniques, Mark’s career path took him first into rural development projects in East Africa, before moving to become one of the UK’s first specialist equity analysts specialising in sustainability at Jupiter Asset Management in 1989. From there he went onto similar roles at Henderson Global Investors and AMP Capital as co founder of their sustainability funds businesses. Mark’s passion is to see capital markets change to work within nature’s ecological limits to growth and with this goal, he founded two philanthropically funded research initiatives www.carbontracker.org which helped launch the global fossil fuel divestment movement and the other, www.fish-tracker.org which studies fisheries companies. He also believes passionately that capital markets can be a force for good and is the founder of the Social Stock Exchange, which supports investment into high social impact enterprises covering affordable housing, health and clean energy.

Education and Equality

Suzanne Biegel


Suzanne’s values are aligned with Tribe Theme 2: Education & Equality, particularly gender equality. She is deeply committed to helping people understand and embrace the opportunities and challenges around women and girls and how gender can be a factor of analysis in all investment decisions. Suzanne believes that there are women in leadership, governance, and value chains who are undervalued in investment, and that paying attention to gender can help investors spot opportunities as well as risks ahead of others. This imperative of addressing gender equality and social issues that disproportionately affect women and girls, married with the massive societal and economic opportunity to bring women into full force in business, can represent a tremendous opportunity for impact as well as financial return. Suzanne has over 30 years’ experience in sustainable business, social investment, emerging markets and domestic entrepreneurship, and the linkages between philanthropy and international development with investment. Her career started at IBM and spanned several tech startups, her own successful e-learning company, and a portfolio career as an active impact investor herself, board member, adviser, and consultant. She founded Women Effect, which has now transitioned to Wharton Business School, where she is a Senior Gender Lens Investing Adviser as well.

Environment and Ecology

Tim Davey


Tim’s values are aligned with Tribe Theme 1: Environment & Ecology. He believes that averting the environmental crisis and developing a sustainable partnership with our Earth is the most important outcome of this century. Tim doesn’t believe creating the kind of long lasting global change we need will come from a single solution. He believes it will come from a wildly diverse ecosystem of passionate people and ideas. Since selling his travel business, Tim is focusing his time on helping grow future change-makers in his Venture Partner roles at EF (Europe’s top incubator) and at Zinc VC (the worlds first impact incubator).

It’s surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on earth.

Sir David Attenborough

Our Commitment

As part of our commitment to achieving positive change, we’ve created our own impact vehicle which will invest in and/or provide grants to high impact, scalable, mission-driven organisations. We have locked into our mission and model 20% of our profits to invest in our own impact story. We passionately believe in authenticity and innovation. This profit allocation model allows us to partner our own capital with likeminded people, partners and programmes around the world to drive the change we want to see.


We are signatories of the UN PRI and UNEP FI, including the Principles of Positive Impact Finance.

  1. We will incorporate ESG issues into investment analysis and decision-making processes.
  2. We will be active owners and incorporate ESG issues into our ownership policies and practices.
  3. We will seek appropriate disclosure on ESG issues by the entities in which we invest.
  4. We will promote acceptance and implementation of the principles within the investment industry.
  5. We will work together to enhance our effectiveness in implementing the principles.
  6. We will each report on our activities and progress towards implementing the principles.

UNEP FI Principles document

  • Signatories to
  • Principles for responsible investment
  • UNEP Finance Initiative

We are a registered B Corporation

The B Corp movement is for businesses who meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.